This is the story of Kira, a Great Dane who was surrendered to the Cedar Valley Humane Society last week. She was almost 60 pounds underweight at the time, weighing just over 70 pounds. The Humane Society Facebook page said she should've weighed nearly 130 pounds. It saddens and angers me at the same time, especially that attempts to save her came too late.

The Cedar Valley Humane Society posted Tuesday, June 13 that they had received

nearly 20 calls and messages from concerned citizens about a Great Dane in a 'horrible condition' in a nearby town. First thing this morning, a member of our staff spoke with the owner and convinced her to sign the dog into CVHS’s custody.

The pictures of Kira from that day are hard to even look at:



Unfortunately, after several days of trying to get her weight up while running a full battery of tests, a harsh reality came from the Cedar Valley Humane Society:

We’ve consulted with numerous vets and explored a variety of options that could potentially help Kira. Unfortunately, there is not a path forward that will result in any acceptable quality of life for her. Rather than let Kira suffer, we have made the hardest decision that ever comes up in a shelter. This morning, CVHS staff gave Kira a breakfast fit for a queen and everyone here gave her ear scratches and cuddles so she knows for sure she was loved here. Earlier today, she was taken to the vet for euthanasia so will not have to suffer any longer. She will not feel pain ever again.


It hurts so much to know the hands of help came too late. Thankfully, there are many good endings to stories like this, including this one from last week:


I love our pets so dearly I can't imagine ever letting things get to this point. Do others believe it's a sign of weakness to admit they need help? I honestly believe the vast majority of these cases aren't people who intend to harm their pets. They don't intend malice. I believe they love them. However, loving an animal obviously sometimes requires you to give them up. Admitting you can't do it. It's clear Kira's owner should've asked for help long ago. However, when it reaches the point it did with Kira, and has this ending, is surrendering her enough? I don't believe so. Look into your dog's eyes and look at the love and trust and try to tell me different. Just try.

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