This is one company that may be getting a lot of applications, whether they're hiring or not.

Bertch Cabinet's of Waterloo is sending everyone on a cruise early in 2017. Company co-founder Gary Bertch shared the good news with employees last week. The company's 800-plus workers will take the cruise as a thank you celebration for meeting their yearly goal, according to KCCI.

The cruise leaves January 8 and will be for an entire week! It will stop in Cozumel, off Mexico, along the way.

Jealous? Yeah, me too. Unfortunately, I'm not a craftsman... at all. Hence, a job in radio.

Congrats to everyone who works at Bertch Cabinets... 100 percent made in the U.S.A. In Iowa. That's reason for us to celebrate maybe just not quite as much as the workers will. Enjoy that cruise!

[via KCCI]

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