Our Furry Friday dog this week didn't sit down the entire time he was in the KHAK studios. It wasn't because he was nervous or scared. It was because he's a hound dog. Dutch is a three-year-old hound dog and if you know anything about the breed you know they are energetic and active! Several of us commented on how thin he looked. Kimberly from Safe Haven of Iowa County told us that he eats a lot! He just has trouble keeping weight on because he's always on the move!

Dutch gets along with other dogs but would not do well in a home with cats. He was super nice with us and gently took treats out of our hands. He would definitely do best in a home with active individuals. He loves to be outside and go for walks and runs! Dutch is NOT your normal couch potato dog but would make an awesome addition to any family! You can found out how to adopt him at Safe Haven of Iowa County!

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