For a little while on Sunday I believed that my Green Bay Packers had a chance. Not a large one, but a small chance of beating the Atlanta Falcons and advancing to the Super Bowl. It didn't take long for me to realize that the dream postseason run was over.

At one point this season the Packers had the same record as the L.A. Rams. 4-6. Let that sink in for a minute. At that point, no one was thinking NFC Championship game. But Aaron Rodgers went on one of his great runs and led the Packers to within one game of the ultimate prize. He did it missing key pieces of his offense. He did it knowing his defense wasn't going to be able to win the game, so he would have to. The Packers won the NFC North, won their wildcard game against New York, and then beat the #1 seed Dallas IN Dallas. Now that is a run any fan of any team would take. They simply ran up against a better, healthier team on Sunday in Atlanta. The Falcons are already 6 point favorites in Super Bowl LI.

Sunday's game was hard to take for about one-half. In the second half, with the outcome already out of question, I was able to move on. Sports fans find that hard sometimes. Fan is short for fanatic after all. And I'm sure I'll take some heat on social media today for my Packer losing. Although unless you're an Atlanta fan, I can't imagine why you'd chime in.

After last night's loss, I trimmed off my playoff beard. It had seen enough football for one year. It was time for a fresh start. When does baseball season start again?

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