It was a double-whammy of unfortunate news for the University of Iowa yesterday.  At least that's how I see it.  The Princeton Review listed it's Top Party Schools (whichlast year named Iowa #1) and it seems the Hawkeyes have slipped to #2 - replaced by Syracuse University.

That wasn't as bad of news as when University officials announced the "Football Ticket Raffle for Free Education" is back on.  Students have until TODAY at 5pm to either buy season tickets for football or (because of a state raffle law) anyone can just contact the Athletic Department and say "I want to be in the raffle" and they're in.  I didn't like this promotion when it was first announced.  I thought it smacked of desparation.  Now it smacks of desparation...and doesn't even motivate students to purchase football tickets to get in on the prize of a year of free tuition.  Hey...but at least Iowa still knows how to party!

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