If you're going to do a survey about which state watches too much football, who better to ask than significant others?

Betonline.com took the survey, and yes, Iowa is in the Top 10.

They tracked Twitter hashtags from the roughly combined first 30 days of college and pro football season to make their determination, such as  “husband,” “boyfriend,” “partner,” “wife,” or “girlfriend,” as well as phrases like “watch too much football,” “always watching football,” “watching too much football,” “football season ruining relationship,” “too much time watching football,” “always watching games,” “spends all day watching football.”

Over 150,000 tweets were tracked, 83 percent of which were from women.

When they calculated their results, you'll find in only some cases that it has to do with the quality of their football teams. In our case it was probably skewed by that marathon game last weekend, delayed three times by lightning, lasting until 1:40 a.m. Nebraska was just ahead of us after getting walloped last weekend but they probably at least felt better about it after getting rid of their toxic coach. Ohio was #2 and the only surprise about that was they weren't #1.

Who was? West Virginia!


Here is the rest of the list:

  1. West Virginia
  2. Ohio
  3. Nebraska
  4. Iowa
  5. Texas
  6. Kentucky
  7. Indiana
  8. Idaho
  9. South Carolina
  10. Colorado

I don't have a significant other to ask, so you might ask my dog, but I'm pretty sure no one is going to accuse me of watching too much football. As a Bears fan, why continue to suffer through a game if they continue stinking and losing, and b.) I'm old, and I think I was in bed after the first lighting delay of the Hawkeye game last week.

Enjoy football season, because for me it's about all there is to enjoy about fall, but that's another subject.

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