Tis the season for giving!

On Wednesday night, a group of Eastern Iowans got together to participate in what's called a "$100 Dinner." Basically, you get a group of people together and all bring $100 to the dinner. Each person orders a meal and a drink, and every cent that's left at the end of the meal goes to the server as a tip.

For the second year in a row, Lisa Henderson-Locker of Cedar Rapids gathered a group of friends to participate in a $100 dinner this week in honor of the holiday season. In 2021, Lisa and her friends chose Rachael Pritchard at The Blind Pig to be their recipient. This year, they consulted local restaurant owner Cale Henderson to help them decide on a server. Cale recommended a young woman named Hannah who works at Cliff’s Dive Bar. He said that Hannah is the hardest worker and is incredibly deserving of the good deed.

Lisa Henderson-Locker
Lisa Henderson-Locker

Lisa told me that her group's total at the end of the meal was around $180, and they ended up paying with MUCH more than that. Some of the folks who were supposed to be at the dinner couldn't make it because of illnesses, but they still sent along their cash as an act of good will.

If you're looking for an easy way to give back this holiday season, $100 Dinners are a great option! If you have the means, it's an awesome way to show your appreciation and brighten somebody's day. It is the season of giving, after all!

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