UPDATE 12/15:

It happened again! ANOTHER server here in Eastern Iowa was given a huge tip by a group of customers doing the $100 meal.

Sally Deeb, the owner of Sally's on Broadway posted on Facebook this week to share that a group of 14 people showed up at the restaurant and tipped the server over $1,000! Sally wrote, "their server was so shocked she nearly fainted and couldn’t stop crying the rest of the night! She of course paid the kindness forward and split a nice portion of her tip with the guys in the kitchen that prepared the meal."

Keep those good deeds coming!


A couple of servers got the surprise of a lifetime this week thanks to an awesome group of women!

On Thursday night, an Iowan by the name of Lisa Henderson-Locker gathered some friends and went out to dinner at The Blind Pig in Cedar Rapids. But, this wasn't a typical dinner. Unbeknownst to the waitstaff at the restaurant, the women were taking part in something called the '$100 Meal.' The concept is simple: each person brings $100 to dinner, and whatever is not spent on the meal goes to the server as a tip. Lisa told me that she got the idea for the good deed from a post she saw on Facebook from another state.

Because Lisa's group had 18 people, two employees at The Blind Pig ended up serving them on Thursday night. Those two servers were incredibly surprised when they picked up the checks from the table! To give you an idea of how much the servers received, Lisa said that her bill was only $16. That's about an $85 tip from just one of the 18 guests!

Lisa is good friends with local celebrity Joe Sample, so she consulted him before choosing a restaurant and a server. He reached out to several restaurant owners in the area to find the perfect recipient. That recipient was Rachael Pritchard, and Derek McKinney was the other server that assisted the group. According to Lisa, "[both of the servers] cried, we cried. We all hugged. It was amazing!!! We decided to do it every year going forward." She went on to say, "It was the most amazing feeling to give back. I hope it inspires more people to give this season."

Rachael was very grateful for the gesture, writing on Facebook:

"After the last year with Derecho I just thought of all the hard times I went through, but these ladies just sat there and smile at me and made my heart feel so full. Not just about the tip, but their kind hearts, their hugs and just their smiles. A moment like that I will never forget!"

Kudos to Lisa and the rest of her group, and thank you to the servers at The Blind Pig for all of their hard work during this difficult time! We also hope that this incredible deed inspires others in the area to do something good for somebody else this holiday season.

Lisa Henderson-Locker
Lisa Henderson-Locker

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