Iowa, the long wait may be over. It appears Dave & Buster's is FINALLY preparing to open an Iowa location. Better yet, it may be the first of many.

The sports bar/restaurant and arcade chain is planning an April 2 meeting with officials in West Des Moines, according to KCCI. Now, I know what you're thinking... West Des Moines?! Hang on for a second. First, the remainder of the West Des Moines story...

A rep for Jordan Creek Mall in West Des Moines says they will be making a big declaration this Friday. They won't confirm it's Dave & Buster's, but the chain has taken over former department stores in some cities. And, Jordan Creek said late last year that an "entertainment complex" was looking at possible locations at the mall.

A rep for West Des Moines' other big mall, Valley West, said she could provide no insight. There has been no comment from the corporate office for Dave & Buster's.

The restaurant chain is in almost every state surrounding Iowa but a law had prevented it from opening locations in the Hawkeye State. The law didn't allow prizes over a $100 value for amusement concessions. Since Dave & Buster's sometimes give away things like game systems and iPads, that wouldn't work in Iowa. However, that law has since changed. In its last session, the Iowa Legislature approved a bill that raises that limit to $950.

Dave & Buster's has more than 90 locations in 32 states and has previously said they would open multiple locations in the state of Iowa. It looks like the first is about to become reality and more are sure to follow. That's news that both adults and kids across the state will greet with a lot of excitement.

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