So many marvelous elements combine here for the best prank we've seen on the Internet since at least Labor Day.

First, the kid's singing. Now, we've all done some singing in the shower—'Bohemian Rhapsody' is favorite—but this kid is waaaaaay more committed than we've ever even tried to be. It's a fantastic touch for a video like this, adding a real human element to open things up.

Second, the gas mask. Yeah, it's not enough for the dad to do the whole ice-water-in-the-shower thing, he piles on with scaring the bejeezus out of his son when he inevitably opens the curtain.

And then finally, the shriek. Turns out that voice isn't just good for belting out whatever-song-it-was-from-before. Kid's got some serious lung power, and a pretty decent vocal range too. He must've jumped up a few octaves there. Who knows if the kid can replicate those notes on command, though, or whether it only comes out involuntarily in moments of undiluted terror.

Anyway, then he falls and cut-to-black. Perfect.

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