One elementary school has a bit of an infestation on its hands. This place of learning is being infiltrated by ducks...rubber ducks to be exact.

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During this entire school year, Mark Twain Elementary staff and students have been receiving one strange new visitor every single day.

In a news story done by KWQC, the school's librarian Erin Waldron- Smith said,

“At the very beginning of the year my para was putting away books and we just found a random duck. We didn’t really think anything about it. We just thought maybe someone left a duck, we don’t usually find ducks."


A duck is left at the school every single morning and everyone seems to be quacking themselves up over these tiny toys.

Now there are more than 200 ducks at the school. They line the bookshelves of the library and cover the entire room. The librarian actually uses these plastic toys as an incentive for children to read more books.

School officials say they have no clue who is behind this sweet and silly gesture. According to a news report done by KWQC, every morning a rubber duck shows up at the school. Sometimes there does not seem to be a rhyme or reason behind the rubber ducks.

Some of these ducks are holiday or seasonally themed.

Just this month, the person (or persons) behind this aquatic mystery started leaving Easter-themed ducks along with puzzle pieces and a clue. From the looks of things, the identity of this duck mastermind might be coming out very soon.

Apparently, the parents are just as invested in solving the mystery as these Bettendorf students!

Who could be behind this strange prank? Is it a generous benefactor or *gasps* could it have been the librarian or another member of the teaching staff the ENTIRE time?!?

We'll make sure to keep you updated when we find out who is the mysterious person (or persons) leaving these sweet gifts!

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