We here at the radio station are not allowed to do any April Fool's pranks on the air or online, but that does not apply to other companies who have already posted theirs online!

The one that everyone seems to be talking about is the Pac-Man takeover on Google Maps. You can open up a Google map on a computer, click a button, and BOOM - instant Pac-Man game. I haven't tried it yet, because I know I probably won't get any work done the rest of the day.

Another one that made me laugh is the new Honda HR-V "Selfie Edition." It's a car that has 10 cameras inside that allow you to take selfies when the car is in park. It's funny because I don't feel like we are too far off from this...

And then there's the "Selfie Shoes' from Miz Mooz! It's a show with a port at the top that you can stick your phone in, and then you list your leg and tap your toe to take the perfect selfie. Genius!

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We want to know what the BEST or WORST prank you ever pulled was! Share your stories below!

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