April Fools Day is coming up on Friday. It's the perfect time to pull some tricks on your co-workers. But how far should you go? Some are willing to push the limit and risk losing their jobs. I like getting a paycheck. So here are five April Fools jokes that you can pull without the risk of losing your job!


  • Sean Nel

    The Old Flip Screen Routine

    Just hold Ctrl + Alt + arrow down and the display will flip vertically as will the mouse controls. Just make sure you know how to undo this too!

  • Elnur Amikishiyev

    Out Of Service Sign

    Put up an 'Out of Service' sign on the bathroom door and watch your co-workers scramble for answers! Don't leave it up for long, or YOU get to clean up the mess!

  • emrah_oztas

    Dead Mouse

    No...not a deceased rodent. Simply put a piece of tape over the ball or eye of you co-worker's mouse and it won't work until removed.

  • Anterovium

    Chair Wrap

    This one is definitely more visual. Combine one office chair with a whole lot of foil wrap and you have a masterpiece!

  • sanjagrujic

    Sneeze Alert!

    This one is great for the germophobes. Just pretend to sneeze and incorporate some fine mist in the air for the illusion of germs flying everywhere!