In this day and age we live in, April Fool's Day has lost a little bit of its allure. Sure, they'll be people playing pranks on you today so beware. But in today's society where we're all worried about who we might offend to the point of legal action, playing a prank on an unsuspecting co-worker is more of risk than ever. I'll be honest. I don't have any pranks planned for today. But I'm watching out for those who might want to 'fool' me! Here are some of the most common pranks to be on the lookout for today.

  • Mind Games. Simple things like rearranging the furniture in a room and pretending nothing has changed. I like these. A lot.
  • Scare Tactics. I'm not as big a fan of these. An example would be using a fake spider to scare someone.
  • Lying Pranks. Telling someone you're pregnant when you're really not. Hilarious, right?
  • A prank phone call. Ah, these aren't as easy as they used to be. A little thing called caller ID changed it forever.
  • Food pranks. These can be fun. The old toothpaste in Oreo cookies is a classic that never gets old.
  • Making things inaccessible. Think Dwight's stapler in a jello mold from The Office and you've got it!
  • Toilet Humor. Make sure you really know your target if you try these. Cellophane on the toilet or fake poop or vomit are among the classics.

I'm not saying that you can't still have fun on April Fool's Day. Just know what your target is or isn't up for. That could avoid a nasty trip to the HR department on April 2nd.


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