Hello, I'm 2020 and... *gets punched in the face*. That's what I assume would happen to 2020 as it introduces itself to its fellow years. We're in the midst of a global pandemic, civil unrest AND lack of college sports (especially sad for us Iowans). So, what else do we need? OH, I know! an ASTEROID! Done...!

According to KCCI, there's one heading our way, and it will arrive right before the 2020 election cuz... 2020. Duh. Now, some good news... very good news. NASA says this lil' guy (and he is little) is only about 6.5 feet. It's been named 'Asteroid 2018VP1' which sounds harmless, and NASA also says the asteroid won't have a deep impact on planet earth. Phew. Did we just catch a break? Maybe... please?

NASA says the odds this fellow hits us is just 0.41% so, you actually have way better odds with some Iowa Lottery scratch tickets than you do betting on our planet getting socked by a small piece of space... whatever an asteroid is. Rock? Eh, just glad we caught - or it appears will - catch a break on this one.

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