Folks here in Cedar Rapids gained a couple of hours in the evening as the curfew time has changed.

The Cedar Rapids Police Department issued a tweet on Tuesday, August 17th, detailing the change of times. The tweet said the following:

"Curfew has been shortened to Midnight to 6 a.m. daily. Curfew has been in effect since the August 10 devastating storm."

I think this is the right decision and I'm glad the city shortened the curfew time. There are hundreds of out of town workers that don't get done working until 9 or 10 p.m. These people are staying in hotel rooms and want food and a cold drink when they finish after a long day.

When the curfew was 10, there was no time for them to get anywhere and get food or drinks. I know there were several complaints to the city because of this, and I'm glad they listened.

The comments on the CRPD Facebook page have been mostly positive when talking about the time changes. Let's just hope our city can get back to normal in the next couple of weeks and things like this will be a thing of the past.

And for the record, commuting to and from work is allowed during the curfew times. It is not a violation and you will not receive a ticket. At this time there is no date set to lift the curfew.

Good luck out there and stay safe.

We are Cedar Rapids Strong!

[Source: CRPD]

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