"I knew him when...". It's not often you get to say that when talking about a future Presidential candidate, but I can.

Every time I hear the name of California Representative Eric Swalwell, I do a double take. I knew I grew up with someone by that name when we were kids in Sac City, Iowa, but him being in California and making it big in politics, I never made the connection.

It took me until this past weekend to figure out that Swalwell, who is said, on this Presidents' Day, to be on the verge of announcing his 2020 candidacy, is the same one "I knew when...".  He's a little younger than I am, near my little sister's age. His father was a local policeman, mine a State trooper.

He's not the first Iowan to run for, or even be Commander-in-Chief. I doubt he remembers me, but if he does, I'd welcome him to drop me a line if he sees this. I wish him the best in his endeavors.

He was a guest at a rally in Sioux City this weekend.

(Shout out as well to Scott Stanzel, who is also a Sac Citian that I once knew, and former deputy press secretary to George W. Bush).

It's a very small world, indeed.

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