If you haven't visited Coral Ridge Mall in Coralville recently, you're in for some surprises! The mall has been making some big changes these past few months.

I was working an event in Coralville this past weekend, so I decided to stop by Coral Ridge on my way home to pick up a few items. I haven't been there in months, so I was shocked to see some of the openings, closings, and expansions.

Let's start with a major expansion. Scheels, one of the mall's anchor stores, is taking over even more of the mall. If you enter the mall by the carousel right near the food court and you look to your right, you'll notice that some of the stores are missing. The sporting goods store is expanding into those smaller stores. Some of those stores have relocated to other parts of the mall, but at least one of those stores won't be returning.

Unfortunately, Forever 21 is now closed. I reached out to Coral Ridge Mall on Facebook to ask about the store, and they told me that Forever 21 has closed permanently to make way for the Scheels expansion. Another post from the mall on Facebook notes that Bare Minerals has also closed permanently, but that their products are available at Sephora and Ulta.

Now, let's talk relocations. Last week, Coral Ridge Mall announced on Facebook that Claire's and Riddle's Jewelry have moved to different parts of the mall. Claire's is now located next to Francesca's and Riddle's Jewelry is next to Sephora. Ragstock moved to a new location in May. That store is now right in between Dillards and Barnes & Noble. And, Eddie Bauer is also working on opening at a new location, but the old location is currently open for business.

As far as new stores go, I checked out the new Aerie location this weekend, which is right next to American Eagle. Aerie is owned by the same company as American Eagle and specializes in intimate apparel, workout wear, and swimsuits. The two stores actually connect in the middle, so you can shop at both before checking out.

The "New Store Openings" portion of Coral Ridge's official website says that another new store is on the way soon, and it's one I'm very familiar with. Back in Michigan, if you needed a dress for prom or homecoming or any other special occasion, you went to Windsor. The women's fashion retailer offers all sorts of different clothing and accessories, but they are well known for their dresses and formal attire. The store is coming to Coral Ridge "soon."

After weeks of being closed, many stores at Coral Ridge have reopened for business. You can check out a list of open stores and read about safety measures and curbside pickup options HERE.

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