Legislation that would eliminate a requirement that Iowans get a permit to acquire or carry handguns and loosen other restrictions is headed to the desk of Iowa governor Kim Reynolds, according to the Cedar Rapids Gazette. The measure passed the Senate on Monday along a party line vote of 30-17.

According to the Gazette, GOP senators say that adopting permit-less 'constitutional carry' would enhance Iowan's individual rights and remove government regulations. Iowa would join 18 other states with such a provision. Democrats say that the new laws would make Iowa less safe, and counter the public support for the current format of background checks and permits.

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Currently in the state of Iowa to get and carry a handgun, you need to get a permit from the county sheriff who runs a federal background check. If the applicant passes, they are issued a permit that lasts for five years. Following that, the individual who buys a handgun would be required to display a permit to carry if law enforcement wanted to see it.

Proponents of the new law say that Iowans 21 years of age and older who wish to have a permit will still be able to do so under a new optional system, according to the Gazette. Iowans buying from a federally licensed dealer would still have to go through a federal background check or present a permit to carry. But, firearms purchased from an unlicensed seller over the internet or at a gun show would not be subject to Iowa's background check or permit laws.

All indications are that Governor Reynolds plans to sign the bill into law.


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