We knew it wouldn't be long, and now it's final. Dave & Buster's is officially opening its first-ever Iowa location!

Jordan Creek Town Center in West Des Moines confirmed the news to KCCI that Dave & Busters will open here in Iowa in 2020. The new sports bar and arcade is scheduled to be ready sometime in May or June of next year and its home will be in the upper level of an old Younkers store in the Center.

If you're wondering what took so long for Iowa to get a Dave & Buster's (when practically all of our neighboring states have them), well the answer is that a law was in the way. The law didn't allow prizes over a $100 value for amusement concessions, and since Dave & Buster's has prizes such as game systems and iPads, that wouldn't work. Long story short, that law changed and Iowa Legislature approved a bill that raises that limit to $950. Yay!

The opening of the new West Des Moines Dave & Buster's is just the start. Don't be surprised if other locations start popping up around the state.

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