If you have been wishing for your dairy products to be more on the 'raw' side, then you're in luck! A new law signed by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds will allow Iowans to buy unpasteurized milk, or "raw milk" later this summer according to the Des Moines Register. 

The Register reports that Iowa law previously only allowed the sale of grade 'A' pasteurized milk in the state. Raw milk is not graded. But that will all change as of July 1st. On that date, producers will be allowed to sell unpasteurized milk and other dairy products like cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and other raw products right to Iowa consumers. So what exactly is raw milk and what are the benefits?

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Supporters of the new law say that raw milk, or fresh milk as some call it, tastes better and has more nutrients according to the Register. Opponents however call it a 'dangerous food' and say that it can be contaminated with harmful bacteria that could lead to a public health outbreak. But rest assured that not just any Iowa farmer with a cow will be allowed to see raw milk.

The Register reports that the law defines a 'raw milk dairy' as an operation with 10 or fewer milk-producing animals. Those animals are required to have annual vet checkups and the bacteria level of their milk must be checked monthly. The Register reports that if those levels exceed the legal limit, the farmer may not sell any of the milk or byproducts. Raw milk must be distributed within seven days of production and may not be sold in grocery stores. If you want your milk raw, you'll have to purchase it from a raw milk dairy.

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