Sometimes when you first see something you think there's no way it can be true. Then reality sets in just how fast time flies.

A favorite spot for moviegoers in Cedar Rapids and Marion is set to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Yes, Collins Road Theatres in Marion has been around that long.

Bruce Taylor opened Collins Road Theatres on December 5, 2003. The ride hasn't always been easy. COVID closed down the place for about two months in 2020. Less than three months after it opened back up, the derecho devasted the metro area and the roof and heating/cooling equipment for the business. That caused major damage inside the theaters themselves. It took just over four months to get everything repaired and/or replaced before the multi-screen business reopened.

Many businesses after being closed for half of a year wouldn't have survived. Thankfully, Collins Road Theatres isn't most businesses.

Taylor pivoted his business in November of 2018. Collins Road Theatres, a second-run theater for its first 15 years in business, began to show first-run movies. That simply means new movies now show there right away.

On Tuesday, December 5, Collins Road Theatres will celebrate its 20th anniversary by offering movie tickets for the same price they did when doors opened in 2003... just four dollars. They'll also be doing discounts on snacks.

Congratulations to Collins Road Theatres for persevering through all the challenges over the last 20 years. After all, in addition to the ones mentioned above, just think of how movies can be consumed now compared to two decades ago. I'm like so many people and still prefer the big screen.

Two decades after it opened, Collins Road Theatres continues to have the most reasonably priced concessions and movie tickets in the metro. And yes, they still offer real butter, that you can apply to your popcorn.

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