Collins Aerospace has scored a huge contract and the best part is, all the work associated with it will be done in Cedar Rapids.

The U.S. Department of Defense has announced that Collins Aerospace has received a contract modification valued at more than $280 million that "exercises an option to procure 8,490 AN/ARC-210(v) radios, and associated ancillary equipment and support for installation in over 400 strategic and tactical airborne, seaborne, and land based (mobile and fixed platforms) for the Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Coast Guard, other Department of Defense agencies, and Foreign Military Sales customers."

The contract was actually awarded by the U.S. Navy with the work in Cedar Rapids to be done over the next three years. The end of the contract is September of 2026.

The new contract comes as a nearly $317 million modified contract between Collins Aerospace and the U.S. Navy ends. That contract, announced as a 5-year $82.6 million contract between the U.S. Navy and Rockwell Collins in 2018 was modified two years later. In September of 2020, the U.S. Navy modified the contract with Collins Aerospace to $317 million, adding 11,313 AN/ACR-210(v) radio communications systems. That work has also been completed in Cedar Rapids.

In the spring of 2021, Collins Aerospace celebrated the delivery of the "50,000 ARC-210 software-defined airborne radio to Naval Air Systems Command Air Combat Electronics, a key customer of the program since it began in 1990."

The announcement of the new Collins Aerospace contract continues a more than 33-year working relationship with the U.S. Navy.


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