The holidays are right around the corner! Are you looking for a good Christmas gift for a pet-lover in your life? Even if that pet-lover is you, this gift is so undeniably adorable-- you'll have to get it.

According to the website Simple MostCuddle Clones is a company that makes soft, stuffed animals specifically customized to look just like your pet! Basically all you do is submit a photo (or preferably multiple) of your furry friend, choose some customizations such as eye color and tail positions, and Cuddle Clones will produce a stuffed version! This is great for remembering a pet you've lost or surprising one you currently have with a twin!

With the holidays coming up, these will make great gifts for animal lovers. Cuddle Clones not only makes the toy stuffed animals, but they also clone your pets into stockings, golf club headcovers, slippers, and more! Prices vary depending on what you order and some of the proceeds are donated to animal charities and pet-related causes. See some of the items for yourself below.

AND they don't just make cats and dogs. They'll create all kinds of animals... pigs, horses, frogs, lizards, chickens, bunnies, and more! If yours doesn't turn out how you envisioned, they'll give you a 100% refund. So what do you have to lose!? Clone a pet this Christmas into the perfect gift for any animal lover.

Happy Holidays!

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