A zip line that would extend across the Cedar River in Cedar Rapids has been put on hold until 2019. The 1,000 foot line called 'The Cedar Rapids Screamer' which would launch riders from the 16th Avenue Bridge across the river to the Czech and Slovak Museum,  won't debut until the spring of next year.

GO Cedar Rapids President and CEO Aaron McCreight said that they were forced to reboot planning back in February after the original contractor for the project got too busy and opted out. McCreight said it just became unrealistic to make the zip line happen in 2018. GO Cedar Rapids did find another contractor for the zip line, but the project looked completely different.

Building the zip line would have taken anywhere from a month to six weeks to complete. Then there would be safety checks and the training of staff members. The shortened calendar also meant there just wasn't enough time to make the zip line financially viable.

Officials say the delay of the zip line is seperate from the Newbo Evolve Festival which will take place August 3rd through the 5th. The inaugural festival is still set to go on as scheduled.


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