When you take a sign to a concert, you're hoping to get noticed, maybe pointed at. However, sometimes dreams really do come true.

Last Saturday (5/6) night was an awesome one for Sarah Rivera of Cedar Rapids. She made the trip to Kansas City, Missouri to see Garth Brooks' live show for the fifth time. This time, she decided to make a unique sign to take to the concert. A sign that would show her "to do list" for Sarah's very busy month of May. There was the Garth show, of course, but also her son Chase graduates from high school this month. Oh, and she'll be opening a new business in Cedar Rapids as well.

That's a lot to put on a sign, but Sarah abbreviated well. Here it is:

Below the line about her son's high school graduation she also made a couple of requests, asking Garth to sing 'Standing Outside the Fire' and 'Mom.'

The sign did the trick. Garth spotted it from the stage, read it to the crowd, and then autographed his acoustic guitar, and handed it to Sarah.

She told the Des Moines Register,

“I don’t know at what point I really realized what was going on. I don’t even remember him really playing the song. I know he played it, but at the same time it was this surreal moment. I just broke down, crying. I lost it... It was fun to stand there and have this conversation with this person I have loved his entire career. It was really, really cool.”

So what happens after Garth gives you a guitar at a concert? Sarah told the Kansas City Star someone from Garth's entourage brought her the case shortly after and she was well protected:

I had a security guard next to me the rest of the show. After pretty much everybody had left, they escorted me to the exit. Luckily, I was parked in the parking garage about a block away. So I put a death grip on that case and went straight to my car.”

You'll be able to see the autographed guitar for yourself beginning later this month. Rivera plans to display it at her new self-serve wine bar in downtown Cedar Rapids. 'Della Viti' opens May 23 and will be located at 203 1st Ave S.E.

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