The leaves are quickly changing color and beginning to fall, so I guess it's no surprise today is the first day of the City of Cedar Rapids' autumn leaf vacuuming.  Leaves will still be collected on your normal trash day, but there is one surprise concerning leaf collection.

Due to the fact the city has consistently had problems keeping up during peak leaf collection, they've decided to take an every-other-week approach in 2014.  The city has developed two different zones.  The "Green" group and the "Orange" group.  You can see which zone you're household is in here, and which week(s) the leaves will be collected here.

Remember to rake your leaves into long piles on the grass next to the street or on the parking area and keep the piles free of branches, which should go in your Yardy cart..  And finally, please keep them out of the street.  Even after all these years, I still see some piled in the street every year.  It drives me a bit crazy.

Now, let the raking begin!

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