Friday, November 28th at 5 pm. That's the day and time that Smulekoff's will close its doors forever. Just typing that makes me sad and the store's closing now seems more like reality. Interestingly enough, Smulekoff's Communications Manager Theresa Blair said in her press release today, "The reality of the closing has settled in for all of us."

I've been a resident of Cedar Rapids for nearly 25 years and from our offices we can look down over Smulekoff's. It's impossible to estimate how many times we've done that... how many times I used to walk past the building and see their incredible holiday decorations in the giant, lower level windows. I'll also never forget the sadness of watching furniture from the store float through the streets of downtown during the Flood of 2008. I've been feeling that sadness, a more permanent one, about Smulekoff's the last few weeks.

Smulekoff's has also announced they'll hold a two day auction on November 29th and 30th to sell any remaining goods. Then, a large part of downtown Cedar Rapids history will close for good. It will be a sad day indeed.


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