Cedar Rapids' record low temperature for this morning was -10. It was set in 1897. Simply saying we broke the record doesn't give Mother Nature nearly enough credit. How low did the mercury actually drop?

Cedar Rapids set a new record low temperature of -20 this morning. That's the coldest temperature in the last half of February in Cedar Rapids since we dropped to -23 on February 20th, 1929. Wowza. Today is the second consecutive day of record lows and the third in the last five mornings. Yesterday morning's low was a record -11 and Monday's record low was -12. Tonight's low is expected to be -13 which would fall four degrees short of the -17 record (1962). However, I wouldn't bet against this cold snap.

Over the last two years, Cedar Rapids has set five record lows in February. Last year, record lows were set on February 10th (-19) and 11th (-21).

Here's hoping we've seen the end of record lows for this winter.

[via NWS]

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