Caitlin Clark's amazing career at the University of Iowa is back in the spotlight thanks to a new docuseries called 'Full Court Press.' The series is produced by Peyton Manning's Omaha Productions.

The new 4-part docuseries premiered over the weekend on ABC and now can be streamed on ESPN+. The series follows Clark and UCLA star Kiki Rice and South Carolina center Kamilla Cardoso. 'Full Court Press' follows the action on the court but also dives into what the players were experiencing off the court. One fact that shocked me was despite the millions of NIL money being earned by players like Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese, South Carolina star Kamilla Cardoso couldn't accept any as it would violate her student visa. Cardoso is originally from Brazil.

But what many Hawkeye fans want to know is, what is it like to be Caitlin Clark? The series recaps her historic feats on the basketball court, but also reveals some candid moments away from the game, many with her boyfriend Connor McCaffery. One clip features the couple going out for Sunday morning brunch following another Hawkeye win. Needless to say, Clark garners just a little attention. You can view it in the clip below.

The hardest thing about being Caitlin Clark? In her own words, "being 'on' all the time." I think for many celebrities that is the biggest burden they face. Never having a truly private moment while out in public.

Clark's star is only going to burn brighter as the WNBA season tips off on Tuesday night. You can catch all four episodes of 'Full Court Press' streaming on ESPN+.

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