Busch beer is starting a contest that will give ten recreational softball or baseball teams a sponsorship for a year.  But it is more than just a sponsorship, they want to give you a deal.  No, they won't give you $330 million for 13 years as a Busch Beer softball guy but you can win this for your team:

  • $5,000 signing bonus
  • $10,000 championship bonus
  • Your own Busch ad campaign
  • Championship live stream on Busch Facebook Live
  • Brand new Busch jersey and hat
  • A season's supply of Busch beer

The contest started March 25, 2019, and will run until April 7, 2019.  The contest is divided into four phases:

PHASE ONE: The Contest Submission Period. Six ways to enter by telling Busch beer why they should sponsor you, including your team name and include the hostages #SponsoredByBusch and #Contest.

  1. Enter on Facebook
  2. Send a direct message to the Busch Facebook account
  3. Instagram
  4. Send a direct message to the Busch beer account
  5. Twitter
  6. Send a direct message to the Busch Twitter account

PHASE TWO: Contest judging to determine the ten potential grand prize winners.

PHASE THREE: Winner notification

PHASE FOUR: Verification of eligibility of potential winner's team.


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