If you are a Busch Beer fan and you are getting married, then it could be your lucky day!

Busch Beer recently announced on Facebook that it is offering to be the sponsor of one lucky couple's wedding day! And no, you won't just receive beer... they will sponsor your whole day! Busch Beer will pay $25,000 dollars for your wedding and you will get a full supply of Busch Beer for a wedding. However, that's not all, the "Busch Guy" will also officiate your wedding!

Sound interesting? I mean if your from Iowa, Busch Beer is like the official state drink, so this could be a dream come true for you! So, how do you get this amazing deal?

If your interested in winning this wedding deal, you will need to explain why you think you deserve to win and use the hashtag #BuschWeddings and #Contest or you can go straight to the Busch website or Pinterest page to enter by May 31st.

After the entry date of May 31st, the entries will be judged and 10 couples will be selected by judges selected by Busch. There will then be an interview with each couple and a background check. The finalists will be interviewed June 10-14 and the grand prize finalist will be announced after that.

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