We're doing a segment on today's show that is all about wedding day horror stories. What went wrong on your 'special day.' Because, let's face it. Sometimes all the planning in the world doesn't do any good. Sometimes things just happen. Luckily for me, I can look back to nearly 22 years ago and remember our wedding day fondly. I can't remember a single thing that went wrong that day. I'm sure if you asked Holly, she could probably come up with something. But there was one awkward situation that arose that day, and it is my one wedding day regret.

My one regret happened at the wedding reception. Our reception was held at the Ramada by Wyndham in Cedar Rapids. I used to be the Clarion Hotel prior to that, and back in 1999 it may have even been called something else. But back in the late 1990's, it was one of the most popular places to have your wedding reception. They have several large ballrooms to choose from. We choose the one where they turned the pool into a glowing fountain. It was perfect.

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I can also remember talking about prices back in 1999. The ever popular 'price per plate' discussion. And of course once you settled on that, you had to look at your guest list and see if the numbers worked. Holly and I certainly didn't choose the most expensive meal option there was, but once you add up that and the cost of alcohol, things can get pricey quick. So we knew that we were going to have to trim a few people from our guest list. Back in 1999, I had just started working full time on the KHAK morning show. And while I'd been with the station and the company for a bit in other capacities, I was just getting to know everyone who worked there. So I did not put out a blanket wedding invite. We chose those we were closest too and invited them.

Flash forward to the reception. Speeches had been given from the head table and we were just about to go and get some food. I gazed over to the entrance of the ballroom and saw someone who worked for the station that we hadn't invited to the wedding festivities walking towards the head table. What was he going to say? He walked up, shook my hand, and gave me a card. He then walked out. I remember feeling ambushed and shaken. What had just happened? He was that upset at not being invited that he had to show up anyway?

Looking back 22 years later, I think that perhaps I could have done things differently. Perhaps I should have invited this person and a guest. How much would it of ended up costing us? Forty or fifty more dollars? The strangest thing about it was I worked with this person for several more years. Neither of us ever brought up the situation to the other. Not once. But looking back, clearly he was hurt at not being invited, and that was never my intention.

So there you have it. My one wedding day regret. Be careful who you leave off the guest list. They might just show up anyway.


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