Time flies by quick when you become a parent. Sometimes I can't believe we have a high schooler and two more in junior high! But the same rules apply for your furry kids too! Today, February 16th, is our dog Rigby's 'Gotcha Day'! 9 years ago today we added to our family and life wouldn't be the same without him!

Rigby is a Miniature Schnauzer. I didn't really set out looking to get a schnauzer, but a relative of one of Holly's co-workers at the time was having a liter of puppies in the Twin Cities. They said that if we wanted a puppy, they would save one for us. That puppy would turn out to be our Rigby! If case you are wondering where we got the name, we let Chase pick it out. At the time, one of his favorite cartoons was 'The Regular Show'. It featured a racoon whose name was Rigby! So that was his choice!

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Now is Rigby the perfect dog? Close, but not quite! He does like to get into the trash from time to time. He's a big fan red sauce. He can smell that stuff like blood in the water for a shark. But he's friendly, obedient, gets along with everyone, and has been a true faithful companion. We can't imagine life without our Rigby. Love ya buddy!

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