In 2020, Halloween didn't have quite the same fun feel to it. You can thank the ongoing pandemic for that. But one of my kids was still excited to dress up for the holiday. Yes, I'm down to just 10 year old Cayleigh wanting to dress up for Halloween. Cary, who is only 12, decided she would rather hand out candy, and Chase, who is 16, hit up a haunted house with some friends. But Cayleigh is my horror movie fan and this year she went as a character from her favorite scary movie, 'It'.

Cayleigh loves the movie 'It'. She wanted to see it in theaters, but we thought she was a bit too young to take to an R rated movie. But when the sequel came out and she begged to go, we gave in and let her see it in theaters. She loved it! Nothing scares this 10 year old. So when it came time to decide what she was going to be for Halloween this year, there were only two choices. The girls have become very big fans of the Harry Potter movies, so they discussed going as characters from that series. But when Carly decided she'd rather just worship Draco Malfoy from afar and not dress up, Cayleigh went with plan B. Georgie from the movie 'It'.

Ryan Brainard
Ryan Brainard

The costume was pretty simple to put together. Just a raincoat, some boots, and of course, a red balloon. Holly had someone paint a creepy looking pumpkin with Pennywise the Clown's face on it to complete the look. She said the ran into a few other 'Georgies' on Halloween. This one sure got a lot of candy!

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