Ah, the smooth sound of vinyl on a record player. The occasional pop of an album, and having to get up and flip it so you can hear the rest of the songs. Those are just a few of the great things that more and more people are enjoying as vinyl records continue to enjoy a rebirth.

The Recording Industry Association of America reports that vinyl records are likely to outsell CDs in 2019. Now the fact that most people get their new music via streaming and downloading has a lot to do with that. But people are still buying vinyl. I love going out and finding an original pressing of an album I'm hunting for. Then, going home and putting in on the record player.

Ryan Brainard

I've had several different record players since I've been collecting vinyl. Right now, it's an old 1970's Magnavox console player pictured above. I just can't describe how warm the music sounds when it comes out of those speakers. I love putting on a favorite album, sitting back and looking at the album art or liner notes. Its something that the digital music experience just can't duplicate and never will.

Ryan Brainard

The cool thing about vinyl is that you can actually find it locally! My favorite record shop is Analog Vault located in the Newbo District in Cedar Rapids. They know music, and they sell and service turntables too! Their selection of records is second to none.

You can also find used vinyl at Half Price Books stores. It's a bit hit and miss, but you can still find the occasional gem. And don't think you have to spend big money on records. Sure, I have some expensive albums in my collection. But the majority that I play often only cost between $4 and $10.

So replace that cartridge and get that turntable spinning again! The world of vinyl is waiting for you. It really, never left!


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