One of the tough things about getting up when I do in the morning, is going to bed at night. I hate going to sleep early. Especially when my favorite NFL team is playing a prime time game. Last night, my Green Bay Packers were in Detroit to take on the Lions. It was 20-0 Detroit at the half. I was bummed to say the least. I stayed up into the 4th quarter, and the Packers rallied to pull within 2 at 23-31. But the Lions had the ball late, so I drifted off to sleep. Big mistake.

The Packers were out of timeouts and the Lions were running the ball, and running out the clock. I remember hearing the announcers say that if Green Bay were to get the ball back, it would only be with about 30 seconds left to play. That's all I remember. Turns out I missed a lot. Green Bay did get the ball back. And Detroit almost won the game, but was called for a face mask penalty which gave Aaron Rodgers and the Packers one more play.


Game. Set. Match. Packers win, and I missed it. The best NFL play of the season so far and I slept right through it! It was probably for the best. If I'd seen it live I would have been so jacked up and excited it would have taken my another hour to get to sleep! No more talk of the 'Fail Mary' in Green Bay now. It's been replaced by the 'Miracle in Motown'!

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