The folks who make Mountain Dew certainly know how to get a soda lover's attention. While working at Bike Night last night a couple of listeners who work for Pepsi Co. stopped by and knew how much I love my Diet Mountain Dew. But they asked me if I heard of the new flavor they'd released earlier in May. It was called Purple Thunder. I was immediately intrigued and the hunt began for this purple Mountain Dew.

I quickly discovered that the new Purple Thunder Mountain Dew was another exclusive flavor that Mountain Dew is known for. Baja Blast started off only at Taco Bells. KFC has the Sweet Lightning flavor. It turns out that according to The Takeout, Purple Thunder is only available at Circle K convenience stores. I hit up their website and the closest Circle K store is either in Clinton or Muscatine. Perhaps a road trip to the east is in my future.

Aside from the fact it looks like a floor cleaner we use to mop the tiles in our kitchen, early reviews for Purple Thunder have been good. Some say it just tastes like grape, which is fine with me since I haven't been able to find the grape Mountain Dew Kickstart in stores anymore. C'mon Pepsi! But short of someone stopping at a Circle K and picking one up, I may be relegated to buying them online. Right now, bottles are going for up to $20 a piece on eBay. I guess my Diet Dew will have to suffice for now.

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