I knew it was going to be a late night. My Green Bay Packers played Seattle last night on Sunday Night Football. The game didn't get over until nearly 11pm. My alarm went off at 3am. I don't care. A win trumps being tired.

The Packers said that this wasn't a revenge game. A win wouldn't change the outcome of that disastrous NFC championship game of last season. But you couldn't tell that to the fans. It was a playoff like atmosphere at Lambeau last night. The crowd was treated to a great game, and eventually a Packer win. Green bay moves to 2-0 while the defending NFC Champs Seattle fall to 0-2. Go ahead and Google "odds of making the playoffs after starting 0-2". You won't like the statistics Seahawk fans. The good news of being 2-0 in Green Bay was trumped by more injuries. Starting running back Eddie Lacy was lost to an ankle injury. DeVante Adams tweaked his ankle. Defensive tackle Josh Boyd was carted off with an injury. Yes, even in a win, there were losses. But as long as quarterback Aaron Rodgers is healthy, the Packers are always in it.

So eventually I'll crash today. Getting only 4 hours of sleep will do that to you. But ask any die hard fan of a team if it's worth it. The answer is 'yes' every time.

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