On Saturday, July 27th at the Hilton Garden Inn in Cedar Rapids, I will compete in my first ever dance competition. I've been asked to be part of Cedar Rapids Dancing With the Stars, and I've decided to give it a shot!

To be totally honest with you, this is a big step out of my comfort zone. The last time I had to learn dance choreography was in high school show choir, which was longer ago than I care to admit. I've never done anything like this, so my confidence is not very high. But, first prize is $500 to the charity of the winner's choice, so I'm willing to possibly embarrass myself for the sake of raising money for an awesome organization!

As far as my dance goes, all I know for sure right now is that I'll be doing some sort of cha-cha routine. One of the coaches sent me several different videos from the show 'Dancing With the Stars,' and I was asked to choose my top three favorites. All three of my picks were cha-chas, because they seem fun and a little less structured than the more formal dance styles. My first rehearsal is set for later on this afternoon, so hopefully I will find out my official routine then!

So, here's the scoop: 50% of my score is based on audience votes, so I have to have to have some supporters to come cheer me on if I want to win. There are VIP tables and tickets available, as well as "show only" tickets. If you're interested in checking out the event, tickets can be purchased online HERE. Just make sure you enter my name under the 'Tell Us Which Dancer You're Supporting' button underneath the 'Buy Tickets' button so it counts towards my total. I appreciate any and all support so, so much! I will be sure to keep you guys updated on my progress!

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