This morning we debuted a brand new game and things went EXACTLY like we expected them to.

Last week I was at work just surfing through some online articles, when I came across a game titled "Who in the Room?" The box says, "Are you prepared to learn what your friends really think about you?" and I thought to myself, "yes, yes I am!"

We decided to take the party game and turn it into our own little KHAK game: "Who in the KHAK Crew?" We take a card from the game and choose one of the questions to discuss between Brain, Danielle, Bob James, and myself. We debate for a bit and then all decide on a winner (majority rules). Then we go on the air, we read you the question, and your job is to figure out who we decided on! Only AFTER we find a winner do you get to hear our debate!

Our very first question was this:

So who in the KHAK crew would survive the least amount of time on a desert (or deserted) island? Here's the debate:

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