February has come and gone, which means it's time to announce our next Listener Lunch destination for 2019! That destination is one of our favorite places to eat: Grin N Goose in Downtown Cedar Rapids!

Grin N Goose, located at 227 2nd Ave SE, offers a large variety of menu items including sandwiches, burgers, soups, salads, and some of the best appetizers in the whole city. If you've never had Grin N Goose's mozzarella sticks, you are SERIOUSLY missing out. This photo doesn't show you how massive each one is, but at least you can see how delicious they look:

Also, the pretzel bites with cheese are not to be ignored. I don't know why they're so much better than the ones from every other restaurant in the world, but they really are:

Here are a few other photos from past lunches we've had at Grin N Goose:

Would you and six of your coworkers like to join us for Grin N Goose on one of the four Tuesdays in March? Get signed up for Listener Lunch HERE!

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