Join us at a BRAND NEW Listener Lunch destination for the month of October!

Have you ever heard of a place called Runt's Munchies? Well, we hadn't. But then we found out that we will be eating there for Listener Lunch in the month of October!

Runt's Munchies is a new restaurant that opened up in May of this year. They're located at 529 5th Ave SE in Cedar Rapids, just a few blocks from the radio station. According to their website, they have a pretty huge menu that includes everything from funnel cake fries, to wings, to burgers, to pickle wrap dip, to pizza, to egg rolls... if you don't believe me, just take a look at it HERE.

They actually brought us in some food to try this morning, and it was AWESOME. Here are some of the items we got to try:

And although we will be sticking to just lunch at Runt's Munchies, they also offer all sorts of sweets that are available for purchase. It's pretty rare that we get to visit a restaurant that both Brain and I have never been to before, so we are VERY excited to kick off Listener Lunch there next Tuesday!

We only have two months left of Listener Lunch for the year, so make sure you and your coworkers get signed up to eat with us ASAP! You can do that HERE.

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