Who's ready for some nachos?

All May long, Brain and I stuffed our faces with pasta and garlic bread at Napoli's in Marion. We are sad to say goodbye to such great food, but we're also pretty excited to say hello to some NACHOS. That's right, friends! We are back at Wild Hogs Saloon & Eatery in Walford for the month of June!

Now, I know we talk a lot about the nachos at Wild Hogs (and that's because they're amazing), but they have so much more to their menu than that. The burgers are awesome, the pizza is great, and don't forget about the Wild Hog sandwich!

If you and your coworkers would like to try some of the fantastic food that Wild Hogs has to offer, make sure to sign up to win Listener Lunch with us.

Click HERE to get entered now!

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