Over the weekend, my wife sent me a picture of the kinds of phones that two of her friends are using. They were both flip phones. She said, can you believe anyone is still using these? Yes, there was life before smartphones and it got me thinking. What are the advantages of going back to the flip phone. And could I actually pull it off?

The obvious advantage to going back to outdated technology is cost. My current phone plan pays for three of my family members to use iPhones, and we share a data package of 16 gigs per month. The average cost per month per iPhone is around $24. I checked into the cost of a flip phone per month. How does $2 to $8 per month sound? Plus, you wouldn't have to pay for data because the phone can't use it! So it would be much cheaper per month if I went back to the flip phone. Another advantage? You wouldn't be so obsessed with your phone. We're always on our mobile devices. And not for calls. We're texting, snapping, tweeting, Facebooking our lives away! Imagine what you could get done if you got off your phone for awhile!

After coming up with the positives, I then turned to why it would be tough to get rid of my smartphone. Could I take giving up social media? I'm confident I could do it. So long Snapchat and Instagram! See ya Twitter and Facebook! But the one thing I know I'd miss is the camera and video options that today's smartphones have developed. Those cheap flip phones I looked into? They have a 2-megapixel camera at best. Today's top smartphones offer up to 20 megapixels with HD video and stunning clarity and display. I would lose my ability to take pictures and videos of my kids whenever I wanted to. That is something I don't think I can live without. Smartphones simply make it too easy.

So go ahead and check into a flip phone if you're brave enough. I guess I haven't quite reached my smartphone saturation point yet.

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