This is something cell phone users have wanted to be able to do for a long time. With the advancement of technology in this day and age, it makes me wonder how this hasn't been implemented into any and every cell phone. For now, this is only for iPhone users but you can probably assume this new feature will be coming to every cell phone company.

Unsplash - Adem AY
Unsplash - Adem AY

Have you ever finished typing a text message, hit send, and then realize "oh crap." I've sure done that. It doesn't always have to be some risque message you want to take back either. You could've simply sent something embarrassing to your boss or a co-worker. Maybe you had too much to drink and texted your ex, only to hope you could track down their phone and throw it in the river before they could read it.

Maybe your friend and your mom have the same name and you weren't paying attention. There are all kinds of reasons you'd want to unsend a text message. iPhone users now have that ability.

According to Business Insider, one of the new features of IOS16 software is unsending iChat messages. What this means is you can only unsend a message if you sent it to someone who also has an iPhone and uses iChat. This would be any of your friends or family members whose texts show up in blue and gray on your phone.

We all have people in our lives who have those annoying green text messages so it should be noted, you cannot unsend a message to someone who uses a brand other than apple.

How It Works

If you accidentally send a text to a fellow iPhone user and you immediately want to take it back, you'll have 15 minutes to do so. For a little while, you'll still want to make sure you're sending your texts to the correct person.

As of now, you can only edit and unsend messages to iPhones that are up to date with IOS16. Eventually, all iPhones should catch up and this feature will work with every iPhone. Watch this video for a simple tutorial on how this works.

Is Your Phone Up To Date?

To check if your iPhone is up to date with the new IOS16 software, click on settings, click your Apple ID (which will just say your name), and click iPhone. From there your phone will say Version. If it reads IOS 16.0 you're up to date. It will look like this


We've all been there. Everyone has sent a text and immediately wanted to unsend it or take it back. If you don't have an iPhone does this new feature encourage you to buy one or are you staying with team Android?

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