In the year 2022, Iowans will have the option of keeping their driver's license on their smartphone. But don't confuse this with your ability to replace your physical copy with the new digital one. It appears we're still several years from that.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette reports that state officials have launched a pilot program aimed at making digital drivers' licenses, or mobile ID, available for download on both Android and Apple devices sometime in 2022. Iowa is among a number of states that are considering such a program or have already launched versions of licensees on smartphone devices.

The current plan is to test out devices with mobile IDs on them through December. Then, around 100 DOT employees will be chosen in the spring as a test group to ensure that the app is working as it should, according to the Gazette. The app is expected to be available for all Iowans by the summer of 2022. But here is the catch. Even if you have a digital ID, for now, you still have to carry the old physical form too.

The Gazette reports that DOT officials expect a transition period to occur, and say that the new digital IDs won't be for everyone. Some people may want to see what the new technology looks like now, while others will wait until they can choose to have it be their only form of ID. DOT officials are currently working with vendors on security and privacy concerns and making sure the new digital IDs will be accepted at various retail establishments.

There is no extra charge the first year if you choose to get a digital ID. But it will cost you $4.99 per year, after that.

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