Most of us trapped in the game of trying to stay up to date on our technology get a new smartphone every two years or so. We trade our old one in and get the newest model that just came out. Apple puts out a new model of iPhone seemingly every year. And while the newer models are great, imagine if you still had your old iPhone 1. The OG. The original. How much would it be worth?


Possibly thousands. KETV reports that over the weekend LCG Auctions House auctioned off an original iPhone that was 15 years old. Yes, it was in pristine shape. The owner didn't let their kids play with it when they were done. They knew that someday, this groundbreaking piece of technology would really be worth something. And it was. Someone paid nearly $40,000 for the antique iPhone. $40,000!

The iPhone was still in the original box and was also still factory sealed. A rare, untouched version of the smartphone that changed the world. The original iPhone came out on January 9th, 2007. KETV reports that back then the phone retailed for between $500 and $699. It only had one camera and could only hold around four to eight gigs of data. Today's iPhones are a bit more upscale. Most have four cameras and can hold up to 128 gigs of data.

If you have one stored away somewhere, good for you. I have a feeling that the price will only go up in the future!

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