The Marion YMCA building was built back in 1963. Yes, it is in dire need of an upgrade. But I'm a little confused as to the proposed new location for the Marion YMCA. Monday night, reps from the Y met with Linn-Mar school board members about building the new Marion YMCA between Excelsior Middle School and Linn-Mar High School. Excuse me?

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The city of Marion has grown a lot since 1963, and much of that growth has been in the Linn-Mar school district. But that is far from the center of the city of Marion. Personally, it feels to me like a reward for being a more affluent part of town and a more profitable tax base. While I live in Marion, I do not live in the Linn-Mar district. That should be disclosed. But I know a lot of other Marion residents who don't agree with this location. Why should one school district be favored over the other? Why not build the building next to Marion High School?

I guess this decision bothers me so much because it is being built on school land. It will clearly benefit some residents of Marion more than others. I don't think that is something the YMCA was founded on or should stand for. If you want to build the building in the Linn-Mar district, I get it. You're capitalizing on population growth, density, and a higher median income. Just do a better job of hiding your favoritism.



I want to thank the Marion YMCA for reaching out and clarifying several points of the original story. The proposed facility would be built across from the Linn-Mar campus and north of Tower Terrace Road. The land was donated, making it a great deal financially for the non-profit YMCA. While I would still like to see a location that would be more centrally located, this does alleviate some of my objections to the location.

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