I don't consider myself to be a superstitious person. I'm not afraid of black cats. I don't fear Friday the 13th. But when it comes to sports, I'm a mess. My superstitions don't really come to light until it's playoff time. That's when things start to get a little crazy.

This year, my Green Bay Packers are one win away from Super Bowl LI. I've watched both of their playoff victories in my own living room. Why? Because my behavior during a game isn't welcome in public for one. I'm vocal. I yell. I swear. I pace. I'm literally a mess. But hey, I'm in my own home so I can act how I want to. So what are my superstitions?

For Green Bay's first playoff win I wore my Clay Matthews jersey and they beat the Giants. So for the Dallas game, of course, I had to wear the same jersey. I even sat on the same spot on my couch. We actually had some friends over for the Dallas game. That was almost a mistake as they got to see my paranoia come full circle as Dallas rallied to tie the game. When the Packers won on the last second field goal, they wished me good luck the next week and prepared to leave. I said, "Oh no you don't! You're part of this now! You were here and they won! Get ready for next weekend!"

Yes, I have a bit of a problem. Yes, I realize that my efforts don't affect the outcome of the game. But if I didn't do these simple things I wouldn't be a fan. So Sunday I'll be watching in my unwashed #52 jersey, sitting on my couch, with my untrimmed playoff beard,  doing my part in what I hope is another Green Bay win. They can thank be later. There are two weeks until the Super Bowl. That's plenty of time.

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